• What is Fwrun Logistics Plugin?

start your fulfillment journey with us through our integration plugin that facilitate the exchanging of data (orders / products) with our system that already integrated with all the shipping companies in the region and feeding back with the states of your orders and enable you to accurately track your orders


  • How to install this plugin?


  • Just visit your Shopify App store

  • search for our plugin with the name ( FwRun )

  • install it to your store

  • start your fulfillment process


  • How does this plugin work?

Our plugin start the communication channels between your store and our ERP system that enables it to import the products data to start the fulfilment process

Then it start importing your store orders to our team to start the packaging and shipping process
our ERP system is integrated with all of the shipping companies in the region so it enables you to track your orders states accurately


  • How to get the credentials to use this plugin?

    just register with FwRun as our client , your account manager will provide you with credentials



  • What is the cost of this plugin?

    For Free for everyone



  • Does it provide service/work in all the countries across the globe?

    our plugin works through Egypt region



  • Can I have customized prints?

Not for the moment but in the near future it would be available


  • Logistics tariff is fixed for all places?

No it changes depending on the nature of the products and the distance of shipping

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